Interior objects made by Devoni are unique in design and materials used. Such items are made of ammonites, minerals, industrial metal and natural solid wood. These are vibrant items with its own energy, history and value.

Individual order

We will create furniture just for you made by your authentic design using rare and premium materials. We use three simple steps

  • 01 Describe your ideas for the item that you want, show us a sketch or photo of the similar item
  • 02 The artist will draw a sketch, suggest materials to choose from, select color and coating
  • 03 We create furniture based on your design and deliver it to you in any part of the world

1,5 month

needed for our craftsmen in order
to implement your idea into real item


About Devoni brand

We combine the nature with history and then insert it into modern interior design. The nature itself is the best designer. We simply emphasize its beauty by integrating wood and minerals with metal.

For designer furniture we select wood that is 200 years old. We preserve the original texture of the tree, «living» edges and cracks. Art objects immortalize historical findings that are over 150 million years old. Our interior solutions transform boring design into courageous and charismatic interior.


Our workshop

In Devoni we decided not to outsource production to other craftsmen but instead we opened our own workshop. It became the creativity lab where artist are free to draw and craftsmen are working on every detail. Each piece is carefully handmade. Since we are working with natural materials, the workshop was named «The Art of Natural Forms».

12 people

Items in Devoni brand are made by the team of best artists, welders and carpenters.


For designers and partners

We offer special partnership conditions for architects, designers and decorators. We invite for cooperation showrooms, hotels, restaurants and others. You can use our furniture to exhibit in your studios, to decorate your interior or to use as functional equipment.

Learn about partnership conditions