Creating new trend in interior design

We took patterns from different styles, applied artistic approach and added to it certain historical validity. As a result, we came up with something totally new. Tables with unusual design, art objects made of minerals and metals. No one has done it before us.


panel with ammonite

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About Devoni

Founder of Devoni brand

Sergey Aleynikov

«When I laid my eye on ammonites for the first time, I was deeply moved by their beauty and the history that was still living in them. In that moment the idea was born in my mind to combine furniture with rare minerals in modern interior design».

We work in three directions

In our workshop we create artistic as well as functional forms

Off the shelf solutions

Collection of furniture with variety of finish, configuration and size. Such products could be purchased right away and could beautify your interior design today.


coffee table

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Art objects

Ammonites, minerals and rare paleontological findings in modern interpretation. We transform fossils
that are over 100 million years old into art objects made for your home.


sculpture with crystalline silica

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Individual order

From tables to lamps or any other item that you want to create. We can produce unique furniture objects and implement your ideas and desires. If your designer has a particular vision for your interior, we can make it real.


dining table

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project manager


Partnership request

If you want to cooperate or have some orders to place, we will be
happy to work together. We will produce your piece of furniture regardless of any difficulties that may appear. Please, leave your
contact information and we will get in touch with you.

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