Designer furniture

Ferrum - Dining table Ferrum - Dining table
Dining table Ferrum
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Six people can easily fit around this table. If the host adds two chairs on the sides, the table can accommodate eight people. Simple table stand
will not be in the way of comfortable sitting.

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Umbrah - Dining table Umbrah - Dining table
Dining table Umbrah
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Tygnum - Dining table Tygnum - Dining table
Dining table Tygnum
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Stella - Coffee table Stella - Coffee table
Coffee table Stella
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Coffee table will become an integral part of living room, bedroom, kitchen or the office done in modern interior design. Compact size and light weight makes it easy to move the table where it needs to be placed.

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Shaller - Dining table Shaller - Dining table
Dining table Shaller
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Handwork furniture
Handwork furniture

Devoni furniture is made by hand. From wood polishing to color mixing and painting.

Ryvus - Coffee table Ryvus - Coffee table
Coffee table Ryvus
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Ostyum - Dining table Ostyum - Dining table
Dining table Ostyum
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The table can sit 4 people leaving large space for dishes. This table can also accommodate 6 people but there will be enough space only for 6 silverware.

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Oriens - Office table Oriens - Office table
Office table Oriens
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Libher - Coffee table Libher - Coffee table
Coffee table Libher
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Cortex - Dining table Cortex - Dining table
Dining table Cortex
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Cyphara - Dining table Cyphara - Dining table
Dining table Cyphara
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Table, being the object of interior design, is meant to unite and gather people around it. As dining table it will gather family for dinner or extended family for Sunday afternoon lunch. As desktop it gives certain inspiration to its owner.

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Karon - Office table Karon - Office table
Office table Karon
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Designer’s artwork
Designer’s artwork

Our designs are made by the best artists. They not only draw, but experiment during the production.