Every item of furniture and every art object is handmade and carefully selected. Everything
we make passed through craftsmen's hands and is soaked in the soul and energy of many talented people. We are not afraid to experiment with style.


«Our team has no idle men. Everyone loves what he is doing and assumes full responsibility for the quality of the finished product.
This is our reputation and production ethics».

Sergey Kachan, Workshop manager

We use interesting materials

We select rare ammonites, aged trees and metal. Every material is unique in its origin and its looks

Choicest solid wood

Our wood supplier is well trusted and he picks for us wood with most unusual texture, cracks and ridges. The artist carefully selects the wood texture for every piece that will most fully reflect the idea of our style.


years is the age of the trees
from which we produce our furniture


Ammonites and minerals

Ammonites are our main source of inspiration.
These are ancient shell-fish which inhabited the oceans in the beginning of Devonian period. The ammonites extinct with dinosaurs but their shells have preserved and could be found even today. We use them to create wall panels and art objects.


million years old is average age of ammonite shell


Manufacturing metal

We produce table stands and sculptures from the metal that was previously used in the factories. Metal profiles, cut offs and parts of machinery. Having endured hard work in manufactory, every piece of iron has its unique facture and a character of its own.


so much less air pollution
occurs when you reuse
the metal for the second time


We control every stage of production

Five stations are working with metal and wood, including coating, gluing and assembling. The artist controls every stage and experiments with shapes, forms and volume


The carpenter achieves smooth surface using surface planning and edge joining equipment. As soon as the saw touches the wood, the craftsman hears the specific noise and can tell if the wood is properly dried. If the moisture content of the wood is higher than the norm, he takes such wood out of production.


After proper wood polishing, the carpenter sands the wood by hands. Thus, he removes even the smallest scratches.

25 years

experience of our
wood craftsman



The metal parts are compounded, welded and polished by hands. This is not foundry work where someone simply needs to fill in the form. Every move and every welding stitch is carefully thought through with artist and craftsman.

3 months

This is how long the artist could search
for the right shape of the table stand or the sculpture


Gluing and filling

If the table top is designed from numerous wood surfaces, then we apply complex gluing. In order to do that, we carefully select each piece of wood on basis of color, wood fibres and age rings. Gracious cracks on the wood are filled with epoxide resin which gives wood its unique visual effects.


The metal is coated with German made automobile varnish that protects the metal from corrosion, scratches and UV rays.



We achieve perfection in every detail using handwork only. Then we carefully package furniture in safe encasement and deliver it.



project manager


Partnership request

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happy to work together. We will produce your piece of furniture regardless of any difficulties that may appear. Please, leave your
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